Protection at any level

Impact Armor Technologies manufactures armor solutions for many threat levels and applications. From handguns to IED blasts, vehicles to containers, and military to financial institutions, Impact can create a product to precisely meet your demands.
Clipboard Product

Personal Protection

When there’s nothing left to hide behind Impact’s personnel protection is always at your side. Our first personal protection device, the ballistic clipboard, provides reliable protection and is always at your side. Working closely with law enforcement and other end users we will continue to jointly develop the safety products they demand precisely engineered to their unique specification.

School Product

School Safety Products

School should be a safe haven for our kids and teachers. But sometimes – lately – it becomes a dangerous place instead. It’s happening in large cities and small, and there’s no warning or advance notice. That’s why teachers and students are looking for bulletproof protection from intruders with guns. And now they can have that protection, with a full line of school safety products made by Impact Armor Technologies.

Armored Vehicles

Armored Vehicles

Whether you’re driving through hostile territory or just a bad neighborhood you want to know you’re protected. To keep you safe we’re working on field armor shield inserts for common security vehicles and we’re always continuing our developments of protective panels to be customized for your needs. For personnel carriers and SWAT vans our integrated thermal/NVH insulation will keep you comfortable while keeping you safe.

Custom Products

Custom Armor

Customers depend on us to create protective products to meet their specific demands. If you have a project that needs protection we look forward to the opportunity to work with you to develop a solution that works.

More products coming soon!

Thank you for your patience.

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