Bulletproof School Safety Products

Protect Our Teachers and Kids

If it’s protection you want, then stand behind Impact Armor.

Impact Armor Technologies specializes in the design and creation of bulletproof products that can save lives. For years, our products have provided protection for police officers and soldiers and now, they can offer protection for teachers and students, too.

Awarded the highest rating by the National Institute of Justice, even designed to exceed NIJ level IIIA specifications, our products can stop a bullet fired from a 9 mm to a .44 mag round at point-blank range. In field testing, Impact Armor’s Ballistic Clipboard withstood multiple shots, groupings of shots, eleven 9mm and six .44 mag rounds with no compromise, demonstrating greater stopping power than other products that claim they provide bullet-proof protection.

Our new school safety line includes a bulletproof desktop calendar, whiteboard and backpack insert.

They’re all made of the same reliable material as our bulletproof clipboards that police officers use to protect themselves on the streets and our door inserts that soldiers use for protection on the battlefield against IED roadside explosive devices.

Our school safety products are based on composite materials backed by years of testing. We design and build our own products and even create custom products that range from tactical shields, briefcases and modular wall systems.

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School Products

Bulletproof whiteboards come in standard 24" x 22" size, or can be custom made.

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